You no Longer Need A Knife To Cut Apples! I Was Amazed When I Discovered How To Do It!


How comes I have never imagined trying this!  Can you believe it that by using your bare hands you can cut an apple into two halves and even cut it further into four slices? Watch this and discover how!

As revealed by the maker of this video, no help or tricks is given to the human hand in order to do this. Never be deceived any longer that a red apple is easier to break when compared to a green one. The two can be cut in the same manner as color has no significance when using this technique. Practice is needed to be successful. For beginners, starting with a golden delicious green apple which is easy to break is often encouraged. You then have to proceed bit by bit until you manage to break the granny smith apple which is also green in color. When you find it to be hard, supporting your hands with your leg is recommended.

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