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How On This World Could He Handle A Sharp Knife When Cutting An Onion Like That? This Man Has Some Talent!


Some pretty food preparation skills have never missed around us!  Remember the Ice-Cream prankster and the Cotton Candy man? Those are just but a few!

Your socks will be knocked off when you see what Master Sushi Chef Hiro Terada is capable of doing when in the kitchen. Though for more than 20 years this chef has used a brand of knives known as Kikuichi, he never shies from time to time trying new cutting tricks with them. When he means business, the safety of the cucumbers, onions or veggies in general is never assured!

He exhibits part of the basic skills that are required for those who fancy to work within any fast-paced restaurant. This is why he is a renowned Chef within Miami and to be specific, inNoVe Kitchen and Bar.He needs to introduce none to his experience and knowledge as he is a holder of a Japanese license for serving and filleting Putter-fish— an art that demands one to master incredible knife skills.

He is one in a million when it comes to ranking people with such kind of talent. If only my next dinner party had such a talent!

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