With Just An Iron And A Water Bottle, You Can Make Some Very Beautiful Ornaments. You Need This Trick!


When it comes to water, we all need it. In fact, we always find ourselves carrying it in water bottles almost everywhere we go. But has it ever occurred to you that these water bottles can be more useful when ‘upcycled’ than when thrown into trash cans?

Here’s anice demonstration by the Innova Crafts. In the video, you get to watch a smart lady as she turns a piece of plastic, cut from a water bottle, into something you’ll want to own and try on. The good news is, these pieces of plastic can be turned into some really cool bracelets by just running them on an iron. It’s easy and simple. In fact, it’s such a fast process that I had to try it right away after watching this video. You might want to do the same!

Just check it out and smile at all that beautiful awesomeness of homemade bracelets. Shout ‘wow’ and SHARE this nice clip with everyone you know on Facebook. What do you think about this? Drop a comment too and let’s know!

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