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Water Balloons Are Left In The Snow. What She Comes Up With? Magic!

Water Balloons Are Left In The Snow

By visiting YouTube and Pinterest, you can access many ideas and DIY projects that are really easy. Learning that I can easily decorate by using things that are already at home is really interesting. This makes me long to give it a try!

Within this video, one woman is making attractive colored frozen orbs by freezing water balloons that are full of food coloring. I shared this since I found it to be more appropriate to try over winter.

You are needed to:

Put some food coloring to the empty balloons and then add some water until they’re filled

Place it in a freezer or in the snow until frozen

Leave it overnight and remove it the following morning. The balloon is then removed using a pair of scissors

At the end, you come up with what appears like large frozen marbles! Though this video is long, it is worth to watch. Should you be interested only with the final product, you can skip to 6:49. Both adults and kids can try this project out and both can use if differently. For instance, the kids can opt to play with the big marbles while decorating the lawn with the frozen orbs can be done by adults. With this project, the snow around you can get any needed vibrant color.

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