I Watched Him Pour Some Chocolate Milk Into The Ice Cube. What He Came Up With? A Yummy Desert!

I Watched Him Pour Some Chocolate Milk Into The Ice Cube

When you need to try out some classical fast food treat, the Wendy’s Frosty can be a good alternative. Ever known to make this treat at home is possible? Yes you can, I have tried in before and what I came up with was a yummier end result!

Three common ingredients are required to make it as revealed by the Brothers Green Eats within this video. It’s quite easy to make one and thus there is no need of getting one from the drive-thru next time.

You need the following:

Cool whip (1/2 a cup)
Good chocolate milk (2 cups)
Sweetened condensed milk (1/4 cup)

As instructed within this recipe, chocolate milk ice-cubes should be made. They are necessary so as the ice’s famous Frosty texture is achieved without any flavor being lost in the process.

You have to watch all the steps as explained within this video to master each and every step. I find everything simple and enjoying preparing this treat from time to time.

Do you consider trying this at home? I have never stopped preparing it, from the time I learned how it’s prepared.

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