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You Have To Watch What He Does To Believe This Is Not Real Goldfish… This Is Real Talent!


When you first look at it, you may think it is a usual bucket of goldfish; but that is far away from the truth. Believe you me; you can’t guess the truth behind no matter how long you take unless you see him do it!

Riusuke Fukahori is a Japanese artist who has made himself a name within the art industry with his capability to create unbelievable goldfish creations that are 3-dimansional. He has masters his trade really well and with just some ordinary items like a bowl and resin, achieving a look of a real goldfish is possible.

I now understand why Fukahori refers to himself as a goldfish artist. He says he has a better understanding of the fish’s soul a thing that enables him make the wonderful paintings he does. No wonder I though he was using real fish when making the painting sculptures.

Though this man has bee in this trade for a number of years, it was until recently that he revealed the idea behind his working. Watch this amazing video to have an insight of what he does.

This will be an experience to remember since I am quite sure chances of having seen a similar thing are very slim!

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