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It Seems To Have A Wavy Roof, But The Inside Of This Tiny House Will Leave You Looking For A Designer. Interesting!


If you’re anything like me, you’ll agree that the era of tiny houses has been embraced bya great multitude of people. In fact, even some of those who previously had big homes and houses havetrashed them for the small, lovely tiny houses.

You might have heard of a certain design company that’s been praised as one the best tiny house designers we have around. Well, the good, smart andcreative RockyMountain Tiny Houses is responsible for the design of this beautiful tiny house shown in this lovely video.

As you can see, this house appears to have a wavy roof, but you’ll starting nodding to the fact that this is the most brilliant design we’ve seen so far the moment you get a look at its inside. When you check out its roof the inside, you’re going to drop!

Beautiful things are given beautiful names, and that’s why this company decided to give this adorable little home a cool name, The Pequod Tiny House. Ifyou think it can’t accommodate many people, you’ll be shocked to find out that this lovely house once housed a family of 4!

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This tiny house is approximately 208 square feet…and weighs 11,500 pounds!

1106-600x400Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses



According to the designers, “The wavy shape of the roof is a function of maximizing heights in the lofts, lowering ceiling heights elsewhere, and aiming for a ‘whimsical’ design aesthetic.”

348-600x400Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses



The inside is pretty stunning with a clean, modern appeal.

449-600x899Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses



The space seems tight, but there are lots of innovative design features, like stairs that double as storage shelves.

547-600x899Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses



The kitchen features modern appliances and lots of cool details as well, like a sink that can be covered by the same wood as the countertop to expand counter space.

641-600x899Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses



There’s also a pullout pantry hidden next to the refrigerator.

833-600x899Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses



Right next to the pantry is another one of the home’s exciting features.

9281Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses


What seems like an ordinary cabinet is actually a smartly designed piece of furniture.




A table that can seat two or four can seamlessly appear.



It can also be tucked away when you want more space in the living area.


There is also a full, and sunny, bathroom.

1225-600x899Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses



The bedroom loft is also pretty interesting.



The stairs lead to a welded steel catwalk with Plexi-glass flooring, and walking to the loft almost feels like you’re walking on thin air.

1517-600x400Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses



The loft can fit a king-size bed.



The home also includes a wrap-around fold down deck, perfect for enjoying summer days — and barbecues — outside.

260-600x400Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

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