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I Thought She Was Crazy When She Poured Coca-Cola On Her Hair,But The Result Made Me Yearn For It!


The reason why I love Ellko, a Youtube beauty specialistis because she is always trying new tricks to see if they really work. In this song version “Fail or Holy Grail,” she attempts the disreputable “Coca-Cola Hair Rinse.”

The aim of the “Coca-Cola Hair Rinse,” is to transform straight hair into a hair that is beach curly and textured. This method can be used when the curly gel has gotten finished. It involves the usage of coke drink.

She tried the rinse and discovers that the philosophy really works. She practically used two bottle of Coca-Cola to full turn her hair!

Apart from being a refreshment drink, Coca-Cola can be employed in other uses. For instance, you can get your toilet and sink clean using this refreshment drink!

Actually, Ellko prefers to use the rinse method rather than having to make her hair all night with a waver or having to weave it up. This is because the trick is simple and economical.

Ellko really praises this technique because of the excellent results that she obtained on her hair. She said that at first, she thought that her hair would remain the same after the rinse.

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