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No One Expected This When The Man Started Pouring Glowing Goo Into The Rotting Wood. What Extraordinary Results!


Ever known the end result of pouring glow powder mixed with clear goo into wood that is rotting? Well, you are likely to get a bright blue cat should a Bulgarian kitty be around. Should you be Mike Warren, one who is behind’s Man Crafts column, lighting your next dinner party can be accomplished by coming up with something beautiful.

Warren made a decision of utilizing pecky cypress hardwoods’ natural grooves and the idea of filling them with photoluminescent (aka glow) powder’s glow-in-the-dark concoction and clear casting resin came into his mind.

Glowing and ethereal blue pools of cool is what he ended up coming with.

Ensure you watch the entire video and go through the given step by step process to learn how Mike managed to do this. Should you end up finding this to be extraordinary the way we did, kindly SHARE it out with all that you know!


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