Get Some Old Cinder Blocks. It Could Be The Only Thing Standing Between Your House And Beauty. Here’s The Trick!


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You’ve seen people throwing old cinder blocks away, haven’t you? Or maybe you have been the one doing the throwing. Well, you might need to know something. Those old blocs can turn out to be the best things you could ever carry into your house. And not just inside to revamp the bathroom. They can also be used to transform theoutside, like the patio.

I happened to use the old cinder blocks to beautify my bathroom and my patio, and I’ve always caught my guests talking about it. Let’s just agree that you can actually repurpose those old blocs you want to trash to turn them into the center of attraction in your beautiful home. You need to try this!

The clip below gives you a better understanding of just how cool your home would look if you put your wits into action brought some cinder blocks home. By the time this video is over, you’ll be itching to try this, at home!

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Turn your cinder blocks into a beautiful, new outdoor staircase.

dscn4339-600x850The Figure 5

Create a cool entertainment center, complete with plenty of storage.

Screen-Shot-2015-07-22-at-4.00.15-PM-600x447Parka Avenue

Make yourself an outdoor patio bench.




Create an elaborate backyard garden.

59kilmer04sm-600x450The Sacramento Rose

Use three blocks to make a bedside table.


Rest your mattress on cinder blocks for support and under-bed storage.

Bed-464x700Design Tripper



Invite friends over to barbecue in a new fire pit.

019-600x399Must Add Fabric Softener

Spruce up the backyard even more with colorful benches to accompany your fire pit.

img_3963-600x450It’s Sunny In My Soul

You can create a futon with storage cubbies for shoes.

Espaço-38-Quarto-da-Bebe-Marcia-Matinez-e-Andrea-Fricks-Morar-Mais-Rio-2013-600x616Claudio Paguiar

Make a book shelf with plenty of room for decorations.

Larnie-Nicolson-Photographer_on-Fancy-NZ-Design-Blog-2-600x900New Zealand Design Blog

Build yourself a backyard wall, complete with vertical planters.

IMG_6550optimized1The Info Mine

Or include planters as part of your outdoor bar construction.

ds_4_26_ba_kristin_after5Design Sponge

Plant your favorite flowers in a pyramid cinder block garden.


Create a whole outdoor buffet for patio barbecues.

101258009.jpg.rendition.largestBetter Homes And Gardens

Make yourself ample seating for any summer party.


Create unique outdoor lighting for evenings in the backyard.


Build a complete cinder block furniture set with armchairs and a couch.

cinder-block-furniture-set-600x399Decas Realty

Which of these projects do you want for your own home? Let us know in the comments.

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