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She Took A Man’s Underwear And Did This With It. You’ll Want To Try It Too!


There’re those clothes in your closet that you no longer look at with abright eye, simply because you think they have done their part in making you look good. So you think you should just retire them and throw them somewhere very much inaccessible? No, just use them in another way.

One thing you didn’t know is that you can use a man’s underwear to make something that you’ll love wearing. You just have to get that underwear and use your scissors to trim it into a bra. What you come up with is the perfect type of bra appropriate for doing your yoga routines.

It’s a while since I was carried away by a cool DIY, but this project is doing it. The better part is that you don’t really need to “steal” your hubby’s underpants. You can use one of your old ones and still get the mission accomplished. Just be sure to pick the one with a tight waistband.It gives the best results.

With this cool trick, you get to save some cash while still looking cool and stylish. Watch the clip and try it out. You’ll want to SHARE this with your friends on Facebook!


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