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Find The Great Secret Behind Corn Starch Rubbing -On A Piece Of Steak!


Sometimes back, we learnt how to prepare a savory steak by making use of the “Reverse Sear” technique. There are several remarkable ways for testing your steak skills and this one works just as tastily!

Searing perfectly a steak without overcooking it can be difficult to achieve. The America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School performs a video in which Bridget Lancaster reveals the Test Kitchen’s secret technique for perfect steaks searing.  The key ingredient is a combination of Kosher salt and corn starch.

Illustrating the technique with the help well-marbled boneless strip steaks, Bridget reveals that drying the steak is the first thing to do before cooking it. She rubs away gently any moisture from the steaks’ surface by the means of paper towels.

After that, coating the steaks with a mix of corn starch’s one table spoon as well as Kosher salt’s two tablespoons. What this technique achieves is to remove any moisture out of the steak that will cause steaming, instead of forming a crisp crust. Using the corn starch mix coating will make a perfectly dry surface.

Watch this useful tutorial to prepare your mouthwatering steak!

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