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After This, Stores Will Miss Me. I’m No Longer Buying Any Dips From Anyone. I Just Got The Solution!


There’re those times when I just want to chill out at homeon my bouncy couch, turn on Netflix and relax. But I never do that without having something to bite every time the video gets thrilling, so I always make a point of having some snacks like chips. If you add a dip and some grapes into the mix, younotice that I have a really great evening.

Now, life changed from good to better the moment I bumped into this cool, simple and very interesting recipe. When you find this kind of both delicious and nutritious recipe for a really tasty snack, you tend to forget everything about potato chips or canned dip. Here comes the best of all. To make it, you need this:

Tahini – 2Tbsp.
Olive oil – 2Tbsp.
Nutribullet or blender
Lemon juice – 2Tbsp.
Drained chicenpeas – 1 can
1 garlic clove

You see, even the ingredients used are easy to find and use.  You can just keep it classic oryou can throw in somepesto or roasted peppers for some flavor.

Watch the clip and make yourself some snack, andif you can’t get your hands off it, SHARE the video with you Facebook friends and announce it!


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