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She Started Mixing Dyes And Did This To Her Hair… What A “Cosmic” Queen!


Tessarr Goad is a vlogger who is not afraid when it comes to trying new things. It’s not just about new things, but she’s ready to do experiments with her hair – women out there can testify how they highly regard their hair. Within the video below, she’s turning her hair into something that can be called a cosmic mane. When you look at her head, you may think it is some vibrant cluster of strands and she achieves that by making use of three dyes.

The video below has covered all the steps she followed to come up with the celestial locks. Peacock Blue, Stargazer Magenta and Purple Haze is what she uses. She does some deliberate painting to her hair after separating it into sections. All the time Tessarr tosses her head, she ends up with a different hue of hair. Don’t you think she’s awesome with what she does?

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