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See What She Sprays On The Mold Spot. The Result? What An Effective And Cheap Solution! WOW!

See What She Sprays On The Mold Spot

Hydrogen peroxide is known for its disinfection properties. It’s common to see people apply it on their scraped knees whenever they fall down. For most people, that’s all when it comes to hydrogen peroxide’s applications. If you happen to be in that group, this video proves you wrong- watch it to learn the many roles hydrogen peroxide has to play within our homes.

The Savings Experiment is the origin of this video and once you watch it, you will learn the hidden uses this cheap resource has.  Some of the areas in which it can be used include: disinfecting your toothbrush, removing stains caused by perspiration from clothes as well as the removal of the stubborn mold spots beneath the sinks or any damp areas.

I enjoyed watching all the tricks, but the mold-removal trick was my best. By putting hydrogen peroxide that’s undiluted into some spray bottle you have your mold remover.  It’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties make it even more effective.

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