When You Pop Your Head Into This Stylish Tiny House, Your Mind Will Blow Away. Just Look At This!


The thing is, if you haven’t come across the coolest caboose-style tinny house yet, then you just did. This one is steaming!

The small home in question is in Minocqua, WI, where one great construction company is making really big strides advancing this good tiny home concept, and a caboose is taking all the credit for this cool development.

North Park Manufacturing has named their lovely innovation the “Park  Model RV Home,” and it’s going to interest you for the mere fact that it’s interiors are every bit awesome. You even get the chance to play conductor, in your own beautiful home, as the train pulls up at the station. I just love this house!

Check out the video and see just how great this creation is. Take a good look at the insides and drop. You want this! Drop you comment in the comment section and tell us how you feel about this great tiny house innovation. Isn’t it cool? You can’t keep this to yourself, so please SHARE with everyone you now!

Right off the bat, judging simply by the exterior of this caboose-style tiny house, you can tell it’s a very special little home.


Designed by both a retired train engineer and a U.S. veteran, the look is incredibly authentic. They even added actual railroad artifacts for an extra special touch!


The inside is very spacious, and filled with lovely little touches — like a charming old-fashioned stove and detailed wood paneling.


The foyer is flooded with natural light thanks to its wide and beautiful windows.


The kitchen features ample counter space, perfect for cooking and entertaining friends and family.


The living room is warm and inviting, filled with a glowing wood interior.


The hallway seems to go on forever. At only 400 square feet (and 12 feet wide) – it’s almost like a magic trick. A train car has never felt so big.


North Park Homes takes their customers’ dreams and turns them into their very own tiny home reality. With results this charming, it’s no wonder why so many people are turning to tiny home living!


Would you live inside a “caboose-style” tiny home? What would the tiny house of YOUR dreams look like? Let us know in the comments below.

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