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She Melts A Red Crayon Using A Candle. The Reason? Very Creative!

She Melts A Red Crayon Using A Candle

According to the 2013 yearly report released by the financial website, Mint suggests that a lady spends fifteen thousand dollars for her makeup in her lifetime. The same report claims that 4 out 5 ladies use cosmetics; the four women go shopping for the cosmetic at least five times within a year. This is a clear view of where beauty is heading.

As much as ladies want to look beautiful, some of them want to reduce the expenses incurred on the cosmetics. In this video, we meet Keren, the beauty blogger. She shows the viewers the steps one can follow to make one a cosmetic at home.

Her technique is fascinating. She uses a lit candle where she melts Shea butter, red crayon and olive oil. The outcome is a lovely and cheap lip bum. The best part come when she applies it to her lips and guess what? It worked well, and you could not even differentiate it from the commercial ones. You can use any crayon colour to get the colour of your choice. This wonderful trick will help you to save some few bucks!

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