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He Made His Tabletop To Glow! What He Did? Amazing!

He Made His Tabletop To Glow

One of the Instructables member Mike Asarus also known as Mike Warren has provided a good solution to the cracks that appear on the tabletops. This is just a brilliant idea, and I would love to try it out. I have always hated the annoying cracks on the table but now I have good idea of how I will turn them into something wonderful.

In this clip, Mike decided to make these cracks an important part of the table. Instead of you ignoring these cracks in the wood planks, you can embrace them by transform them as part of the table’s design. These cracks can glow in the dark! Photoluminescent Glow powder is the magical ingredient that makes the table cracks to glow.

The photo-luminescent powder is combined with another ingredient called resin. After the two are mixed, one can add it to a project to make it glow. The table you are going to see in this video has perfect cracks for the mix since they just appear natural. He went further by carving out the cracks to provide enough space for the resin. The oozing excess of the mixture is removed by using sandpaper which leaves the crack perfectly filled.

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