Learn A Simple Trick To Cook Your Corn Within 3 Minutes!


Normally, cooking with a microwave is a thing that most people associate with college life. Ever wished to prepare a cup of noodles within a short time? The microwave has the answer. But recently, the microwave has become more fashionable and as a result it has gained a lot of popularity. The easiness and quickness which is associated with the appliance coupled with the number of life-hacks that have come up are behind this!

Just you can cook your eggs and potatoes using the microwave, it is equally simple to cook corn using it. There is no need to unhusk your corn or touch it: in fact within a few minutes the meal is ready!

Peeling the corn after you have cooked it using this technique is quite easy and saves a lot of time. With this method, the sticky silk which you have always been dealing with will be a thing of the past.

Believe you me, trying this method pays

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