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This Lady Mixes Baking Soda And Peanuts In A Dish. The Result? I’m Drooling!

This Lady Mixes Baking Soda And Peanuts In A Dish

Did it ever cross your mind that you could make peanut brittle, lemon bars and chocolate chip cookies using a microwave? I know this sounds crazy for someone who has heard it for the first time. Thesedays, people spend little time in cooking delicious meals.

This is one of the brilliant life hacks. It enables you to spend a little time on the kitchen cooking meals while you save time for your loved ones. I know most people like having some free time to take a walk, to read a book or even watch. Some of these things make life meaningful and that’s why I thought it wise to share this hack to everyone around the world. I am pretty sure that most individuals do not like slaving in the kitchen.

The folks at Buzzfeed have come up with a short clip featuring 5 microwave desserts that will leave you salivating. Maybe the most enthralling recipe is for the peanut brittle. One can make an outmoded peanut brittle, which resembles the ones the professionals make.

I can’t wait to make this candy at my home. Would you try it?

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