The Koreans Unclog Their Toilets This Way. What An Interesting Technique!

The Koreans Unclog Their Toilets This Way

Someone probably wonders how this works! As for me I have no clue but it appears to be a good idea.

This clip was recorded from South Korea and the idea has proved to be a creative solution to every individual who has always had the toilet clogged. While the wads from the toilet paper and the horrible brown water fills up the toilet, this guy forgets everything about the plunger and he makes use of the “pongtu.”

I guess someone reading this wonders what “pongtu” is, it is actually a section of a yellow plastic that extends to fit around the top of the toilet’s seat. It forms a something like a cover around the toilet opening. It the plastic wrap for the toiletwhich flashed as seen in this video. This sounds crazy to most people.

Thepongtu enlarges and it appears as if it may burst. You then press gently on top of the pongtu and the clog is emptied. It eventually sends a nasty mess away.

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