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It’s Just A Spiral, And Then It’s Amazing. I’m Deceived!

It’s Just A Spiral

This is my verdict: Art is something tricky!

Artists are some very amazing people. They could just start on something that you might just brush off as boring, but by the time the piece is complete, you’ll always come begging to keep looking at it!

That’s what happens in this video.When you first look at that drawing, you just think it’s something very unimpressive, something not worth a second look. But when you take a closer look from another angle, you realize you’ve been deceived. I had to admit that too!

It’s a masterpiece!

Watch as the guy calmly takes on the noble task of drawing something in his unique style. He starts with the spirals and goes on doing it. You might think this guy is surely crazy until you get to the end of the video and get to see what he comes up with! You’ll be shocked by just how creative these people can be!

The spirals are really a beautiful woman! I had a difficult time believing what this guy just did, and you might even have a harder moment!

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