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He Gets An AWESOME Result By Putting Some Juice Into The Ziploc Bag!


For desert lovers, looking for healthier options is always what they love doing. This is common for people like me who are known to have a sweet tooth. I can bake cookies with my eyes closed since I have been doing it for some time now. Even though they are delicious, extra calories and chocolate are not good for your health. Here, he comes up with this perfect after dinner snack which I have never thought about before! An orange juice is all that’s needed.

I’m not sure what he had in mind when coming up with this unique dessert idea but all I can say is; I’m glad about it. Within a few minutes, making some juice slushy is possible if you have some plastic bags, salt, and a bunch of ice. When compared to ice cream, it’s a healthier alternative!

According to you, is it worth trying? I can’t wait to discover whether it’s as simple as he reveals!

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