How To Freeze Better Ice Cubes For Better Cocktails. I Didn’t Know About This!


People love cocktails, and that really normal. But people love the best cocktails more, and that’s even better. You realize that for a cocktail to be really a cocktail, you need to throw some good, pure, and clear ice cubes into the mix. Anything short of that isn’t so impressive, and you’ll agree that you want everything that impresses!

The first thing you make sure of when you need a good cocktail is that your ice is pure and clear, and that means that you’ll be making your own ice. To make the best ice, you need to be prepared to jump ship in some way. You see, you can’t stick to the norms and expect to make anything new, and that’s why this video is here to help you come up with something more impressive. You must want to know this!

It’s a video from Rumble, and it’s going to teach you how to make the best ice ever. For that to happen, you first have to stop freezing your ice in an ice cube tray. Cocktail Chemistry brings you the better way to freeze your ice, and you’re going to like it!

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