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These Extremely Delicious Cookies Just Need 3 Ingredients To Make. Watch!


So you love cookies. Everyone loves a nicely cooked, delicious cookie. However, these good things haven’t been known to work well with people on a diet regime, so you might find yourself fighting off a cookie crave if you’re on a diet. But does that mean you’re never going to taste a cookie again? Find out here!

You see, there are many ways to make cookies, including a way to make the healthiest cookies ever. In this case, this video here is all about healthy cookies. This is most probably the best thing you’ll learn today, so get set to learn this!

Interestingly, this cookie recipe doesn’t require you to “assemble” a ton of ingredients. In fact, all you need here is just 3 ingredients, and your healthy cookie-making experience will kick off in joy. You can’t step awayfrom such good stuff!

So get some ripe bananas, some raisins and oiled oats, and get down to business. By the time this is over, your cookie crave will have been sorted in the most satisfying way possible. Watch and learn,and if you fall in love with this, tell us about it in a comment.

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