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Ever Known That Shipping Containers Can Be Converted To Houses? Check This One Out!


Housing has become a complex situation to handle. Every day, building materials are becoming limited, making people to look for an alternative. Nowadays nonconventional and recyclable materials are used in house construction. However the origin of these materials may be hard, but when they are transformed by experts, they become absolutely classy.

In the following pictures, the modern penthouse we see is from Denver, Colorado. It was fabricated with ship containers. Its 2,192 square feet, two stories, a backyard, and a balcony. The containers underwent remodeling to become a home that has everything from space to enough natural light entering from the windows.

These containers used to make the house are durable hence minimizing the repair costs, and they are insulated too. It’s a big house as it has a garage for two cars, three bedrooms, an office and two and a half baths. Its situation allows you to view the lovely Rocky Mountains. When you climb to the roof top, the view will even become magnificent.
The architect and constructor of this house is called LoHi Container. If you are interested in moving to Denver locality, visit the Trulia listing to choose your model then go to their site for more updating.
When you had the first look at the house, did you note that it was made of containers? Please Share this pictures with all your friends!

This sleek, modern penthouse in Denver, Colorado, is made from reclaimed shipping containers — the kind you see on freight ships.

You would probably have never guessed, right?

It’s 2,192 square feet, two stories, and has a backyard — and it looks like even more storage!



It also has a balcony.

The interiors of the shipping containers were remodeled to form a clean, modern home, with a spacious, open plan and plenty of natural light, thanks to the addition of windows.


The interior makes you forget all about the fact that this was once a shipping container.

The house also sticks to its sustainable values. It’s full of EnergyStar efficient appliances and closed-cell insulation. The containers themselves are also durable and long-lasting, so repairs would be minimal.



The house has three bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths, an office, and a two-car garage.

It also looks out over the Denver skyline and to the beautiful Rocky Mountains.


It even has a rooftop deck for optimal view appreciation.

desktop-1439321741via Huffington Post

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