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Edible Marijuana Candies Are Suddenly An Issue To Be Worried About… Read This!

Edible Marijuana Candies Are Suddenly

Several children within the Boston area have been reported by officials to be sick after consuming chemically altered candies. The candies are being freely sold for commercial or personal use. Most of those who have consumed them have ended up being hospitalized and that has made The Harvard Police Department to warn everyone not to take the substances thinking it’s the usual marijuana.

One of the products to be avoided is known as EdiPure Red Fish. The product has a label in its front warning those who buy it to ensure it is kept well from children. Recently. The number of marijuana products that are edible have increased and that has caused a lot of difficulty for kids when it comes to differentiating between drugs and sweets.

Given that kids will not necessarily buy them, parents who buy such products must ensure that whenever they buy them, they are safely kept. We must always be careful how we deal with such products to avoid being sorry later on.

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These are edible drugs(made from Marijuana byproducts) that kids are now using in this area. The first picture is a…

Posted by Harvard Police Department on Tuesday, May 19, 2015


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