Are You Eating Too Much Sugar?


Sugar is wonderful in moderation, but too much can be bad for us. Most of us think that we’re trying to be good with the amount of sugar in our diets, but often there is hidden sugar in products you’d never think about having sugar. Take a look at your bread’s label the next time you make a sandwich. You may be shocked what you see. Here are the signs that your body may be trying to tell you that you’re eating too much sugar.

Not Enough Energy

You may feel really tired throughout the day without enough energy to feel up to doing much at all. You may see a quick boost of energy after you eat, but that’s usually short-lived.

Craving Sweet Things

If you’re craving carbs and sugary things, you may have been bitten by the sugar addiction bug. Eating sugar and carbs too much can create this chain reaction where you want more and more.

Mental Cloudiness

You may get a feeling like your head is in a cloud or mentally foggy. This may be more likely to happen right after you’ve eaten. In this instance, your body’s sugar levels are changing enough that your brain is not able to keep up. This can lead to cognitive problems.

Always Coming Down with a Cold or the Flu

Too much sugar in your diet may make you more likely to pick up cold and flu bugs that you come into contact with in your daily life. This is because it hampers your immune system and causes it to not work as robustly as normal.

Tastebud Changes

You may notice that things that were sweet to you before no longer taste as sweet. The more sugar you eat, the less sugary it will taste to you. You may feel the need to look for things that are even sweeter to get that same feeling.

Problems with Your Feet and Skin

Too much sugar in your body can cause an inflammatory response. This response may cause skin problems like acne or dryness to occur, as well as problems with your feet like plantar fasciitis.

Adding on the Pounds

Sugar can also cause you to gain weight. Your body will react to you consuming all of that sugar by increasing insulin. Insulin resistance in your body can result in weight gain, and if left unchecked, diabetes.

It can be hard to avoid sugar in our daily lives, but it’s well worth it. If you spot these signs occurring in your life, it may be time to start reading labels for a happier and healthier you


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