Easy And Fast Way Of Preparing A Steak. I’m Already In The Kitchen!


I have been in differentplaces in New York and had the opportunity of taking well prepared steaks, but the shocking thing is that I don’t know how to prepare them. If I am the one in the kitchen cooking, be sure that I will opt to make chicken cutlets and meatballs.

Speaking the truth, I had no interest of learning because I thought that it took too much time and the process of preparing a delicious steak was complex. This was until I learned this trick from Jill Urban.

Actually I openly say to all of you that the process is not complex. If you prefer your steak to be well, medium or rare cooked, the preparation does not take you much time. The only thing you don’t need to do is to defrost it.

The majority of us think that to cook a steak, first you need to defrost it, which is contrary to what this food hack suggests.

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