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Don’t Trash Those Old Picture Frames Yet. They’re Still Useful. See This!


So you’ve some picture frames hanging on the wall and now you’ve decided that they’re getting too old for their primary purpose. Of course the first instinct is to look for a trash bag and throw them in there, but have you stopped and thought about how those old things can serve your interests for a longer while?

You realize that those picture frames happen to have some rustic and attractive look that would very surely look good on your furniture. So why not put the frames into better use instead of throwing them somewhere and forgetting about it? This video will amaze you!

You see, the world of DIY projects is forever teeming with great ideas on how to turn old stuff into the most attractive things, and this time around, it’s all about those seemingly too old and useless picture frames. Turns out, there’s something you don’t know…YET!

So, what if I told you that there are actually so many ways to use those picture frames to make your home look more beautiful? Check out the video here for not one, not two, but a whole 17 cool ways to repurpose those frames. Great!

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  1. Mirror Frame

  2. Refrigerator Magnets

  3. DIY Coffee Table

  4. Pincushions

  5. Menu Board

  6. Earring Organizer

  7. Seasonal Wreath

  8. Framed Chalkboard

  9. Table Tray

  10. Decorate However You’d Like

  11. Office Organizer

  12. Rustic Shelving Space

  13. Key Holder

  14. Dry Erase Board

  15. Unique Home Décor

  16. Weekly Calendar

  17. Towel Rack

Do you know any creative frame DIY projects? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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