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It Has The Design Of Any Other Cabin House, But Upon Stepping Inside… I Can’t Believe My Eyes!


It is without doubt that you get bored with a place if you are there 24/7. For instance, it is advisable to go out during the weekends and go to another place just to break the monotony and get some fresh air down your lungs.

Because of this motive, a lot of people have sold their big homes and relocated to tiny houses far from the urban places which seem to be posh in delivering a cool and conducive environment, like this small home found in Montana.

Not long ago, rich2Vermont, a country plans user, had in mind to construct a small cabin home starting from point zero on his parcel of land in Topsham, VT.  The plot of land where he set to build his cabin home measured 10 x 16′, and was surrounded by woods a stream and roads.

The cabin home comprised of a dining room, a kitchenette, and a bedroom which is located upstairs in the attic. The family made the cabin home look appealing by adding the all-around portico at its exterior.

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A while ago, CountryPlans user rich2Vermont bought a plot of land in rural Vermont. Soon after, he set out to build a tiny cabin that would measure around 160 square feet.

Starting from scratch, he followed a carefully outlined blueprint to craft the loft cabin. On occasion, he would even enlist the help of his parents!

After a great amount of effort, the cabin was completed. In its final stages, a wraparound porch was attached to the outer walls.



A sturdy ladder and treads were put up, and additional storage units were placed underneath each step.

For someone who isn’t a professional carpenter, he had a harder time installing the window casings. But he pulled through in the end, and was able to effectively winterize the space.

He made sure that the all-wooden cabinets and shelving gave off a warm, rustic feel.



The kitchen space was snug, and has a working water pump and stove.

He coated the kitchen countertop with three layers of spar varnish and wax, and fitted the surrounding space with pine clapboard cabinets made from a local mill.

Upstairs, the cozy bedroom was located right underneath the trussed roof.

Since the cabin’s completion, Rich and his family have braved turbulent northeast winters.

But they haven’t stopped making additions to their porch. Since wrapping up construction, the family has even added a swing!

We love how well the cabin design fit with the natural surroundings, and how the porch added a nice, classic flair to the home.

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