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Cigarette Butts Can Be Turned Out To Be Beautiful Items! Wonderful!


Wow! Technology can never stop to surprise us again and again! Do you ever come to consider how it can be possible to pick up a deadly item of all the things, then turn it out to become a wonderful item? This has got to be the highest level of irony. Believe it or not, already there is a groundbreaking company by the name Terracycle, which is making good business out of this irony. The aim of the company is to create awareness and spread it all over, on environmental concerns and to increase actions and practices that will see our world become a healthy environment. One of its last inventions is getting viral worldwide for the mere reason of using a highly wasted material.

Here in the US, the cigarette butts are the most littered items, according to the litter prevention site. Basically there are found everywhere we step our feet on. Flicking a cigarette on the ground, stepping on it and then leaving it there, has become a widely grown sort of natural habit. With this project, the cigarette butts can now stop pilling along the streets.

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