He Brilliantly Recycled A Cheap Store Hanger. His Technique Is Simply Stunning!


What do you usually do with those super cheap hangers from departmental stores? Personally, I end up throwing away because they just can’t hold much weight. In the following video, you will see this guy recycle them in the cleverest way you have ever seen.

Ordinary when you buy clothes they will ask you if you want to keep the hanger. So some of us will say yes, and then use it a few times before throwing it away. What this guy did, is that he cut it the edges to free the crocodile clips. He used a saw, even though he could have broken it off. But it is safe to use a saw because the jugged edge can hurt your hand if you are not careful.

He then took a bag of chips, rolled the bag from the open end and clipped it with the crocodile clip he just made from the cheap hanger. Now the chips are well sealed and they can stay longer without going bad. Most people do not realize it but it’s the exposure to open air that makes most foods get contaminated.

You can take out the clip’s metal component and bend it more or unbend it slightly to make a stronger or weaker clip. Watch and SHARE this hack with friends on Facebook!

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