Don’t toss your banana peels. Here are 5 ways they can improve your beauty and health


Bananas are a great source of potassium, fiber, vitamins, and much more, which is why we all eat them in our daily diets… right? But the nutrients from a banana aren’t only to be ingested. In fact, it turns out, banana peels are very useful, and you should stop throwing them away. Instead, try some of these tips that YouTuber Ela Gale has shown to work.
Ela Gale is known for her health & beauty hacks, and she’s back with another great one. Banana peels are as nutritious as the fruit itself, and they can be used to help your overall beauty and health.

Here are 5 awesome ways banana peels can help you:

They treat warts and splinters.
They whiten your teeth.
They relieve itchy skin
They can be used as an antioxidant face mask
They can be used for yummy recipes

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