It Appears Like A Usual Floating House, But When You Get Inside? So Cute!


When you visit Stockholm, Sweden, one of the things that stands out is the Utter Inn. In Swedish, Utter means “otter” and they named it so since they wanted those who visit the Inn to be happy while surrounded by the lake.

A single room that is under the water is basically what forms the hotel. The hotel is around 10 feet into the surface, a wooden hut and floats. Within the room, you only find a table and two beds. While everything seems normal, it’s what the Utter Inn is surrounded with that makes it incredible.

From all its directions, panoramic windows surround it and one can easily watch all the underground creatures such as fish as they swim. Literally, guests are the ones who are in the enclosed aquarium as opposed to the fish whom we’re used to.

Mikael Genberg who is a sculptor and an artist created the Utter Inn. As an artist, he majorly focuses on public art.

Guests who want to visit the Utter Inn normally do so through the port of Västerås. While at the port, they are provided with instructions and an inflatable boat and then left alone. For those who need to be provided with dinner, they are advised to go for the deluxe version. By using the inflated boat, guests have the freedom of visiting the neighboring uninhabited island.

Please watch the video below and learn other options that those who visit the Inn have.

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