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20 Nail Hacks That Is A Must For Every Woman To Know. The Fifth One Is So Interesting!


Every woman likes to do a makeup on herself, more especially when it has to do with nails. Generally the ladies use a lot of money to buy the nail polish and to pay for the services of painting or removing the nail polish from their nails. Luckily enough, the clip below which is brought to us by Janelle Estep, we will be learning all the tricks that are concerning nails. The clip last for 5 minutes but it has 20 different nail tricks that every man would like to know.

If you have a nail polish that you want to remove from your nails easily, first apply some distilled white vinegar on them. Supposing you don’t have an applying makeup sponge, you can use the eye shadow applicator sponge to perform the same task. Of all the hacks, the one that I found so interesting is how to easily make a polish removing jar. What you need to have is an empty jar, scissors, nail polish remover and a regular sponge. Cut the sponge to fit the jar and roll it. Put it in the jar and soak it with the nail remover and that is it!
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