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15 Great Ideas ToKeep Your Kids Busy During This Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day means a lot to a number of couples out there- It is technically a romantic holiday. For those parents who have kids, or those who still remember their childhood, then they know the only place to find real fun is at school! Is there any other place you will be expecting a bunch of valentines apart from school?

To make sure that your kids get to appreciate the sweet tradition, then you have to engage them in creative DIY projects which are perfect for valentines. The list below was presented by NO Biggie and it covers great ideas for making gifts. The projects are so inspiring and kids of all ages will find something to try out during this Valentine’s Day.

Please keep on scrolling below and let us know whether there is one which you will love your kid to try out.

      You can’t go wrong with a classic heart, and these three-dimensional ones are extra-special while still being easy. Your children can make them using paper, cardstock, or even foam, then decorate and embellish them however they want! Imagination’s the limit!
      This happy little honeybee is the perfect DIY valentine for younger kids practicing their scissor skills. Take a closer look and you’ll see— every part of this bee is made out of hearts!
      Are your kid and her friends big fans of the mischievous minions? Then they’ll love making and receiving this Valentine’s Day take on the

Despicable Me

      This simple and easy heart looks so lovely and artistic. Your kids will love making and giving valentines that can fill rooms with rainbow light all year long.
      Let your kids enjoy the cutest of cakes WITHOUT eating any sugar. These adorable cards use real cupcake liners for a 3D effect and are so much fun to make.
      Thanksgiving means making hand turkeys, but Valentine’s Day? That means hand MONKEYS! Your kids will love getting to coat their hands in paint to make these cards, and you’ll want to treasure the keepsakes forever. Don’t you think this valentine would be perfect for grandma and grandpa?
      Another great valentine to capture your children’s handprints? This adorable card that mom, dad and the grandparents are sure to treasure.
      All kids adore making paper airplanes, so turn that enjoyment into an easy way to make their Valentine’s Day messages soar.
      Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you give your child’s entire class iPods! These adorable valentines are actually candy boxes in disguise, and we think they’re PERFECT for older kids who want to give out some DIY greetings.
      These monsters aren’t scary— they’re all about love! These monster pencils are a great alternative to candy and so much fun to make.
      Your kids want to give edible valentines; you don’t want to give out too much sugar. The perfect compromise? Awesome Sauce! All you need is a printer and regular ol’ applesauce!
      Superheroes are everywhere, including valentines! This easy DIY transforms simple lollipops to a delightful gift.
      Make some hearts that WANT to be broken! The original idea calls for these to be filled with candies that spill out when you “break” the heart, but we think you could also fill them with trinkets, small toys, glitter, or other tiny things for a candy-free valentine, too!
      Nothing makes a simple drink as much fun as a silly straw, so use them to take simple printed valentines to a new, fun level.
    What’s better than a valentine you can wear?! Your kids will enjoy these friendship bracelets long after Valentine’s Day is over.

So much fun! We know our kids are going to love the friendship bracelet idea. Find more valentine crafts by checking out No Biggie’s original list, then tell us which one you and your children will be making this year!

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