So Your Shutters Have Are Getting Old And You Want To Trash Them? Stop It And Do This Instead. Brilliant!


I don’t know about you, but I do believe that an object should not be thrown away just because it can no long satisfy its primary purpose. When you hear about “primary purpose,” it means that there can be a “secondary purpose” for the object, meaning that it can still be useful in other ways.

That’s what I came to realize the moment I came across this lovely video. You see, I had some old shutters that no longer impressed me, so I planned on throwing them away and just forgetting about them. When I watched this, I had many other ideas. And you now what? I’m never even thinking about trashing anything again. Ever!

This great clip opens your good eyes with some very nice ways in which you can “upcycle” a lot of stuff, and we can all agree that you’ll find it both very informative and exciting. Watch the video and tell us what youthink of it. What’s your favorite trick? Sound it off in the comments section and also SHARE with your Facebook friends. They’ll love you for it!

Are your old shutters falling apart — or have you recently found a set in a nearby junk pile? Don’t pass them up! There are tons of clever uses for these old window covers.



Tired of your counters being your mail center? Paint and hang an old shutter on your wall, and use it to organize all your letters and bills!

128-600x899Samantha Elizabeth Blog


Or hang it sideways above your sink, and it makes the perfect dish rack and mug holder.

210-600x805Laurie Annas


Looking to grow your own fresh herbs? An old shutter makes for a lovely and totally functional planter.

3111Etsy/Elizabeth Kate Decor


Find some old drawer pulls, screw them in, and hang it all up for a cute way to organize and display your necklaces.



Or, if you have a set of shutters, hinge them together to make an adorable catty-corner shelf.


510-600x420Plaid Online


If the shutter’s tilt rod is still in-tact, use it to hang up clothes. This is great for a guest room!

681Aimee Weaver


It’s also a clever way to hang wet towels and bathing suits during the summertime.

78-600x450The Decorating Duchess


Feeling crafty? Make your own toolbox with a set of old shutters and some spare lumber.



If you have enough, you can also create a rustic and adorable headboard!

98-600x755That’s My Letter


Hang some of your family’s beloved photos, or maybe a nice antique mirror. It makes quite a statement!

1052Jenna Burger


Or keep it simple by painting an old shutter, laying it flat, and making it a quaint centerpiece.

11111Buckets of Burlap


You can also use an old shutter to fashion a beautiful shabby-chic bench, perfect for any breakfast nook or patio.

1291Liz Marie


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