An Old Window Can Be Useful In More Ways Than You Thought. Watch This!


I like to always clean my house thoroughly just before fall kicks in. We all do that. When I do the cleaning, I always want to trash any garbage that might have been left in the house, but this time, something very drastic happened, and I’m really excited about it.

I happened to come across an old window that seemed so useless and I felt like just throwing it away, but then I came across this cool video that changed everything. I can’t believe this!

You see, I love DIYs, and this information just happened to offer me that. Apparently, there’s just so much I can do with an old window, from doing decorations to making new furniture. I never knew that!

Now I’m down to this cool business of upcycling my old windows to add some better looks to my home, and you’ll love this video for that.Check it out and let’s know which project you think is your favorite.When are you trying this?

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Turn your old window into a cool coffee table with storage.

Window-Coffee-table_thumb1Southern Hospitality

Or make a table for your porch.


You can create beautiful shelving for your living room or bathroom.

DSC_0006Hvitur Lakkris

You can even transform windows into a shower stall door.

6HOME_27Design Sponge

Make yourself a rustic headboard.

Screen-Shot-2015-08-19-at-11.17.45-AMLiz Marie Blog

Organize your jewelry with an old window.

IMG_6998Oak Ridge Revival

Create a gorgeous picture frame for your wall.

Milk and Honey Design

Or try a picture frame that holds multiple photos.


Make a serving tray out of an old window.

Painted-Chevron-TrayEclectically Vintage

Hang a window on your wall as a coat rack.

IMG_0017-600x901My Pink Life

Use multiple window frames as a room divider.


You can even make yourself the perfect planter.


Repurpose a bunch of windows into a backyard shed.

51b9675974c5b66245001204._w.540_s.fit_After Dinner Design

Or make a stunning greenhouse for your plants.


You can use old windows to cover your flower or vegetable garden.


Make a cool chalkboard out of an old window.

IMG_3955-600x399House By Hoff

Which of these window upcycles would you want in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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